Our Mission
Creekstone Travel's mission is to help you have fun and amazing travel experiences through thoughtful research and excellent customer service.
Why use a travel advisor?

Travel Advisors or "Agents" help you by using their expertise to find the right vacation for you. Their knowledge and available resources will help find the best deals to save you time and money. Commission for Travel Advisor's is usually already built into costs so you won't pay any more than booking yourself!

Watch this video from Brandon of "The Weekend Cruiser" where he explains why he believes it is best to work with a travel advisor!

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Why travel protection is so important!
Whether we book your vacation or you decide to book it yourself, we can help you with travel protection.

Travel protection should be a critical part of your vacation planning. While most of the time things go ok, life happens. Whether it's an illness before a trip, a weather related problem, or even an injury while on your trip, travel protection could save your trip or get you your money back. What's your plan for when the unexpected happens?

Why is traveling important?
Researchers have found evidence that vacations can positively impact everything from blood pressure to energy levels.

A recent study by Sorbet found that in 2022, 57% of employees did not use all of their paid time off compared to 37% in 2019.

That same study said that although the number of PTO days has increased since 2019, employees are still not taking all of their vacation days, resulting in higher burnout rates and thousands of dollars in compensation they might never unlock. On average, each employee only takes 10 vacation days a year! You've worked hard for your money and your time off, don't let it go to waste!

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Trip Plans App

Already booked and need help with the Trip Plans app? Watch this short video on how to access your itineraries and travel information on your app.

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