What's the plan?

Have you asked yourself “What’s the Plan?” You’ve taken the time to plan and book your trip, but did you plan for everything? An unexpected break in plans could break the bank.

Did you know… Last year travelers faced:

•1,250,000+ flights that were delayed or cancelled in the U.S. alone

•Severe weather in the Atlantic and East Pacific – 18 hurricanes and 18 named storms

•Nearly 79 active volcanoes erupting globally at the end of 2022

•142 earthquakes in the U.S., Fiji, Peru, Philippines, Mexico, and Nepal

Creekstone Travel LLC offers AIG's Travel Guard to give you a robust travel protection plan to fit your needs.

An example of what could happen if you don't purchase travel protection

Watch this video where J from "The Shiplife" shares an unfortunate situation that happened to some passengers without travel protection.