5 Reasons You Need to Travel!

The article from Travel + Leisure, "5 Reasons You Need to Take a Vacation, According to Science (Video) By Sara Clemence, August 13, 2021" lays out some good reasons why traveling can be beneficial for you!

1. Increase Mindfulness - When we break our normal routine, the decreased familiarity can be an opportunity to be more fully present and to really wake up.

2. Improve Heart Health - A study 1992 found that women who took fewer vacations were twice as likely to have heart attack or coronary death.

3. Reduce Stress - Multiple studies have shown that vacations reduce stress, and that even knowing you're going on a vacation can help you handle work pressures easier.

4. Boost Brains - It's well-known that relaxation can juice up your creativity, which is why you have your best ideas in the shower, or on vacation.

5. Lift Moods - A recent study dove deep into antidepressant consumption and discovered that fewer meds were dispensed during vacation periods.

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